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Let’s Ride

It’s the weekend baby, go grab your mates and get busy!

Head over to Dope Folks for more rare rap by broke ass rappers

Coming from the Ominira web address…

Classic sampler sounds meshed with early consumer digital music and a touch of euro-exotica on a proper 8-track verbatim CDR in super jewel case with printed inlay.


Zanzibar Chanel X Boiler room Aus.

 Tune in around 18 min mark if you wanna skip ahead. Save for after dark.

New video for Julien Dyne by the crazy talented Simon Ward, holy shit

woah, woah, woah! i think i just got sun burn.

Been watching Kon’s boiler room and it made me want to share some recent digi-digs. Rick Asikpo I Can Feel It, enjoy.